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Yearly Kos Convention

The buzz last weekend at the Green party convention was the upcoming Daily Kos convention July 17-20. Only it’s not called Yearly Kos anymore, this year it’s Netroots Nation. Their favorite creatures this year are Nancy Pelosi and “Obama for America”.

Hmmmm.  Austin anyone?

I think you have to make a right turn (or several right turns) to get there.


14 Responses

  1. Ever been to Austin? Ever LEARNED about Austin? You make Austin like it’s in Mississippi.

  2. And another thing while I’m at it- Who gives flying f–ck about The Green party? Bunch a wacko commies snorting blow and can’t find their way to a tooth brush or a shower. Just one peg above PETA. Those people are just mutants.

  3. Ever read DailyKos, Dave? Now that Obama likes FISA, they like it too.

    If you come our from under your rock long enough to check out your surroundings you might notice that this week Obama has made of a lot of policy reversals or “triangulations”–including his reversal on supporting a FISA filibuster– that put him more in alignment with George Bush.

    I rather like Mississippi– except for those love bugs.

    The slogan for the Austin convention is “changing the face of progressive politics”. Pelosi and FISA. Some change.

  4. Ahhh,now You had to get personal. I noticed that You didn’t reply to my question. If YOU got out from under your rock,I’d expect You to explain how Austin is a ‘right turn’.

  5. Now, now, Dave. I didn’t see anyone using any drugs at the convention, and there were definitely one or two who had figured out how to shower. Maybe the word has been getting around.

  6. And by the way,We have ‘love bugs’ here in Floriduh. There is nothing to enjoy in Mississippi.

  7. Hee hee. wail U at leest haf a gud sense a humar

  8. OK I rest my case. Austin is a’right turn’ to some unwashed greenie. Who f–in cares?

  9. ABC News: What’s a P.U.M.A.?
    If you thought the Democratic Party was a single machine unified behind presumptive nominee Barack Obama, then you should think again.

    As much as the GOP could be hurt by the disaffection of Ron Paul and Bob Barr supporters, the Dems are in danger of losing far greater numbers of voters…supporters of Hillary Clinton.
    But these are not Republicans trashing Obama and his policies. They are Democrats.

  10. For anyone like Floriduhdave who isn’t familiar with the spectrum of U.S. politics, or who doesn’t put down their mouse when they pick up a bottle, the term “left” refers to liberal and the term “right” refers to conservative. If anyone has read this entire blog and still doesn’t understand why FISA is a turn to the right (and yes, DailyKos’ darling Pelosi voted for it too) google stasi.

    Not that I’m advocating disrupting the convention with some anti-FISA sentiment, oh no, no, not a all, perish the thought. That wouldn’t be at all ladylike and besides, Austin is much too far away.

  11. DailyKOS?!?

    No thanks. They might as well just call themselves Daily Talking Points. They’re not aligned with any ideals but helping Democrats get elected.

  12. […] to FISA How? Posted on July 15, 2008 by Alex Stone-Tharp Can someone explain to me what this post has to do with working against FISA in any form? I ask in all […]

  13. Here’s the podcast of “The New Wave of Progressive Media” the driveway moment that inspired this post. The original NPR show, and interview with Ted Hamm, author of the book The New Blue Media: How Michael Moore, MoveOn.org, Jon Stewart and Company Are Transforming Progressive Politics. Hamm talks specifically about progressive bloggers challenging the democratic machine.

    Hopefully this goes a little further in answering Alex’s question.

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