• Fourth Amendment Of The United States Constitution

    "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." The recent capitualtion of the United States House of Representaives to the Bush Administrations demands for TELECOM IMMUNITY in anticipation of the United States Senate following suit shall not stand. Congress is empowered to pass laws. If they pass a bad law it needs to be repealed. This is bad law and this site seeks to have this law repealed. Please Read Carte blanche to illegally spy on Americans by Tom Burghardt
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Total Information Awareness Is Operational Under Obama!

People who care about the privacy of their papers and their persons may remember the furor that arose during the early years of the presidency of George W. Bush about the development of Total Information Awareness in the Pentagon by Iran Contra conspirator John Poindexter. The Total Information Awareness program was intended to design a super database into which the government would pull all kinds of private information, using the powers of the Patriot Act. Everything from medical records to book purchases would be taken from commercial databases and compiled, so that the government could keep files on the details of every American’s private life.

Congress acted then to end the Total Information Awareness program. So what did the Bush Administration do? They just gave it a new name, and moved it to the National Security Agency, and thus was born the program to seize information and spy without a search warrant.

New revelations by former NSA employee Russell Tice confirm earlier reports by a former employee of AT&T: The NSA was gathering ALL electronic communications into a gigantic computer database, using the Patriot Act as a justification. That electronic spying dragnet was further justified by the passage of the FISA Amendments Act.

Your telephone calls, your emails, your text messages, your credit card use, your Internet habits are all being watched by the government. Secret physical searches of homes and offices without a search warrant are also allowed under the FISA Amendments Act. Big Brother is here. Total Information Awareness is alive.

The funny thing that very few people have bothered to mention is that this search and seizure of Americans’ persons and papers is completely unconstitutional. Read the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Warrants are absolutely required for government searches and seizures, and the government has to be specific in applying for warrants about exactly who and where it wants the searches and seizures to apply to. The new Total Information Awareness program gives no such specification – it searches the electronic communications of the entire United States of America!

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is just a problem of the past, and that with the Bush Administration gone, the problem is solved. No, as a senator, Barack Obama voted to approve the FISA Amendments Act, and as President he is administering the program without acting to end the warrantless electronic spying at all. Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, confirms that the Obama Administration’s intention is to keep the NSA Total Information Awareness program in place.

If you care about freedom, you need to act now to put pressure on Barack Obama to change course, and to put an end to the Big Brother NSA spying program being used against the American people.


Obama-Bayh? Why don’t you just grind it in a little harder?

Rumors are buzzing around town that Barack Obama may choose Evan Bayh as a running mate in the 2008 presidential elections. Only a resident of Bayh’s state of Indiana would have the conservative cluelessness to call Evan Bayh a “far-left liberal Senator”. On substantive policy matters, Evan Bayh has failed to support legislation to shut down Guantanamo, sat on his hands and let legislation to counter the use of child soldiers wither on the vine, passively permitted government databases to balloon out of control without government oversight, blocked stem cell research, refused to support contraceptive distribution, sat on his hands (yet again) and passively (yet again) obstructed greenhouse gas regulation, refused to support the repeal of the Military Commissions Act, continued to support civilian-blasting cluster bombs and resisted action against loan sharks. When it comes to substantive policy, Evan Bayh is no liberal. He is a block of wood.

But there is a more fundamental basis for us to fear the choice of Evan Bayh as Vice President — the Senator has emerged in active opposition to the fundamental basis for the organization of our political system, the U.S. Constitution. Last year, Evan Bayh voted for the Protect America Act, a bill which temporarily permitted the U.S. government to spy on its citizens and search their communications without the judicial warrant that the Fourth Amendment so clearly requires. This year, Evan Bayh cheerily voted for the FISA Amendments Act, its four-year extension.

By supporting the FISA Amendments Act, Barack Obama’s turned from someone who supported the Constitution in speeches into someone who undermined the Constitution in his actions. The selection of Evan Bayh by Barack Obama as his running mate would reiterate Barack Obama’s turn to the autocratic side of politics. That would be a deeply disturbing signal to me, and I hope it does not come to pass.

Progressives Against Obama launched

The following press release was sent out by Progressives Against Obama this morning, announcing the formation of a purely progressive opposition to Barack Obama, due to his support for the FISA Amendments Act, faith-based initiatives and other right wing causes.

It’s an important project, given that Republicans have begun accusing progressives, since Barack Obama voted for the FISA Amendments Act, of abandoning their values for the sake of political convenience. Take, for instance, what right wing blogger Right Voice had to say about Democrats and the Constitution yesterday:

“The next time the left begins talking about the “shredding of the Constitution” they would perhaps best be served by taking a good long look inside before casting their dispersions and their judgments. The only thing is that that will not happen because they aren’t interested in it. Rather, what they are interested in is making cheap political points, and playing cheap political games, believing the Constitution only applies when they want to make those points or play those games but not when it applies to anything they believe in.”

See the new line of Republican attacks? Barack Obama has made the entire progressive agenda vulnerable, by making it appear to be insincere. Progressives Against Obama proves that argument wrong. We progressives value the Constitution over politicians – even when the politicians are able to make pretty speeches.

The press release:

“When Barack Obama broke his promise to progressives, and voted for the FISA Amendments Act, it was with the assumption that progressive voters would never abandon the Obama campaign, because they had no alternative. Now a group is organizing disgruntled voters online with the purpose of proving Obama’s assumption to be wrong. Progressives Against Obama have begun to organize online at ProgressivesAgainstObama.com.

The FISA Amendments Act is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but it’s not the only betrayal of progressive values by Barack Obama. Progressives also object to:

– Obama’s eroding position on ending the American occupation of Iraq
– Obama’s plan to expand Bush’s so-called faith-based initiatives
– Obama’s use of religion as a tool for his presidential campaign
– Obama’s support for liquefied coal and other dirty “clean coal” schemes
– Obama’s advocacy for the death penalty
– Obama’s opposition to gun control
– Obama’s opposition to full marriage equality
– Obama’s use of homophobic preacher Donnie McClurkin to campaign for him
– Obama’s support for Joseph Lieberman against Ned Lamont in the 2006 Democratic primary

Some say that progressive voters should put their concerns about Barack Obama’s embrace of George W. Bush’s politics aside. They say that progressives should help elect Barack Obama, and then pressure him after the election to make sure that he does what we want.

There is an old story about a scorpion who asks a frog for a ride across a river, assuring the frog that he would never sting him, because to do so would be to kill them both. When the frog reaches the other side with the scorpion on his back, the scorpion stings him anyway, because it is in his nature.

Progressives have seen the nature of Barack Obama. They have been stung by him already, and are not willing to carry him to victory just so that they can get stung again. Obama has broken his promises, and he no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Now is the time to put serious pressure on Barack Obama. After the election, progressives will have no leverage. Now is the time to speak out, precisely because it is so inconvenient for Obama’s campaign that we do so.”

Filibuster Obama On Big Brother Spying

Barack Obama wouldn’t honor his promise to the American people. He promised that he would support the filibuster of any legislation that gave retroactive immunity to telecommunications corporations who helped George W. Bush spy against the American people.

Well, guess what the FISA Amendments Act does – it provides retroactive immunity to telecommunications corporations who helped George W. Bush spy against the American people.

Twice, Obama had the chance to join in a filibuster against the FISA Amendments Act. The first time, Obama didn’t show up at all. The second time, Obama voted against the filibuster.

Then, Senator Obama actually voted in favor of the FISA Amendments Act!

Barack Obama would not keep his promise to filibuster to defend our freedom. Now it’s time for us to filibuster Obama.

Filibustering Obama means that we keep on writing about the FISA Amendments Act and Barack Obama’s role in it. Where Barack Obama expects to get praise from progressives, he will get criticism instead. We will keep this issue at the forefront of the 2008 presidential election until Obama admits his mistake and introduces a bill into the Senate to repeal the FISA Amendments Act.

Now is the time for true citizens to do what our representatives would not. Join the filibuster – start today!

Obama Begging Me To Not Vote For Him

Senator Obama,

I am genuinely disappointed that you chose to support the recent FISA bill.  I and the rest of America have been looking to Democrats, and more particularly you, for strong leadership to stand up to the fascist fear mongering of the Bush administration.  You have failed us.  You could have made a stand and your leadership could have made a difference, but instead you chose to take the politically expedient route.  You sold me and every other American out who believed you were different, and worse you abandoned the Constitution when it needed your protection the most.

This bill was no compromise, it was a cowardly capitulation to an administration that continues to lie and thumb it’s nose at congressional oversight.  So now you reward the most unpopular president in American history and the corporations that colluded with him to break the law and the nation’s trust by giving them a free pass to continue to do so.  It is no surprise that the approval rating of congress is in single digits when all we want is someone to hold this administration accountable.  You have failed miserably.

Unless I hear some strong promises to correct this appalling failure of judgment I will have no choice but to stay home come November because I see no candidate worthy of my vote here.

Super Jesus

PS: Thanks for making me look like a fool for supporting you in the primary because even Hillary voted against it!

Obama FISA Test: FAIL!

Per Obama’s quotes on the FISA ‘compromise’ on TPM, he says these amendments are “a marked improvement over last year’s Protect America Act.”  He states that “the President’s illegal program of warrantless surveillance will be over.”  Obama then even has the nerve to say that this bill makes “it clear that the President cannot circumvent the law and disregard the civil liberties of the American people.”

Someone let me know if there was another FISA bill that was passed today because Barack apparently isn’t talking about the same bill I read about today.  The one I read about gave telecommunication companies immunity from any laws they might have broken, but of course we will never find out what those might have been once this immunity is granted.

The bill I read about allows for mass and untargeted surveillance of Americans’ communications with no court oversight on the who, what and why of the spying.  Worse yet, in the unlikely event that the court would deny an order for any reason, the government is allowed to continue surveillance throughout the appeals process, thereby rendering the role of the judiciary meaningless.

A court review without power is no court review at all.

So Obama says “I support the compromise, but do so with a firm pledge that as President, I will carefully monitor the program, review the report by the Inspectors General, and work with the Congress to take any additional steps I deem necessary to protect the lives – and the liberty – of the American people.”

Well shit, I feel safer already.  Shame you don’t have the constitutional fortitude to block this Fourth Amendment shredding machine while you still have the chance.  If you had any leadership skills you would rally the Democrats to ram this bill back up the President’s and the Republican party’s collective ass so the Democrats could introduce truly useful FISA reforms in a few months.  I thought you were different but now I see you’re no better than all the other spineless Democratic cowards in the House and Senate.

Change?  I don’t see any change here.  All I see is another Democrat willing to capitulate on his principles in the name of expediency.  Whether he is a coward or simply calculating makes no difference at the end of the day, either way the Constitution is compromised and none of us are any safer.


Super J.

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